• October 3, 2023

Watch Traffic Halt When a Zebra on the Loose Weaves Between Cars in a Busy City

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Putting aside the ‘zebra crossing’ jokes, you really don’t expect to see a real life zebra running down busy highways in the middle of Seoul – the capital and largest city of South Korea. In the clip below, we get to see an extraordinary sight!

Where Do Zebras Usually Live?

Let’s start by making it clear that zebras are not a usual sight on the streets of Seoul. They are a striking member of the Equidae (horse) family and are a native species of Africa. There are actually different types of zebra that are found in different habitats. The Grevy’s zebras are found in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia where they live on semi-arid grassland. The rocky, arid slopes of Namibia and Angola are home to the mountain zebras. However, the zebras with the largest population are the plains zebras (along with the subspecies called the Grant’s zebra) and these are located on the grasslands of East Africa and the scrubby woodlands of southern Africa.

Zebra Teeth - Zebra Showing Teeth
Zebras are wilful and very spirited!


Escaped Zebra in Seoul City

You have probably already guessed that this must be an escaped zebra. The footage is probably linked to a widely reported news story about a zebra that escaped from the Children’s Grand Park in the east of Seoul.

Apparently, this is a three-year-old male zebra called Sero. Residents spotted him galloping through heavy traffic and strolling down narrow alleys in residential neighborhoods. Fire officers and the police eventually caught him by blocking him into a back alley using safety fences, fire trucks and police cars. Then, zoo officials arrived to take him home! It took seven shots of a muscle relaxant to do it!

Is It Normal Behavior for Zebras to Escape?

Sadly, both of Sero’s parents died the year before this incident and since then his behavior has been challenging. We know that zebras have big personalities and can be willful and playful. The zebra symbolizes determination, and empowerment and we know that they are very courageous – with a powerful kick. We don’t blame the police and fire crews in Seoul for waiting for the zoo officials to deal with Sero!

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