• October 3, 2023

What is Office Insurance and why you need it

Office insurance is a great way to protect yourself, your employees, building contents, equipment and the premises. Office insurance can potentially save you thousands. For example, if the unfortunate event of a fire occurred it would cost you a fortune to repair the building and replace everything in the office. With insurance the policy covers the cost of all damaged caused taking away the financial stress and saving you thousands.

It is important to research different companies to obtain the most affordable and suitable office insurance quotes. Office insurance can be purchased in many ways such as contacting an insurance provider directly, contacting an insurance broker or by searching on comparison websites. It is recommended to purchase office insurance from a respected well known company with a good reputation to ensure you receive pay out if a claim is made. Good insurance policies should provide cover for buildings, business contents, legal liabilities, business interruption causing loss of income and computer breakdown including loss of data and money. Some policies also protect you against any damage caused by terrorism.

It is important you thoroughly read what the policies protect you against and read all fine print as all insurance policies are different. There are several things to look out for when choosing a policy these include; average clause, minimum security standards, theft by violent or forcible entry, stock and shared premises. Most of these will not be covered in a standard policy. Most policies can be amended and adapted to your requirements to provide full protection; extras can also be added on to the policy for an additional fee.

It is good idea to research policies excess fees for any repairs that need to be made, the excess fees will be stated in the office insurance quotes. It is important you don’t exaggerate the value of any items damaged when making a claim, if the insurance company find out you have lied the claim will be declined, the policy will be cancelled and you could be sued for fraud. You claims must be completely honest to ensure pay out.

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