Which employee benefits cover mental health?

Mental health is a rising challenge in the workplace as employers and employees alike are starting to work harder to remove the stigma attached to it. In addition to increasing workplace support, there are also other ways in which mental health can be assisted.

There are employee benefits that cover this, and employee assistance programmes are an excellent way to offer the support that your workers need in order to feel safe. To help you improve your mental health support, we have some of the key benefits that cover it.

Why is Mental Health Important? 

It’s essential to reiterate why mental health in the workplace needs to be taken more seriously. 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from mental health each year. However, the most concerning statistic is that 15% of those that disclosed a mental health struggle faced disciplinary action, demotion, or dismissal as a result.

Less than a quarter of managers even have any training in dealing with mental health. These are not good statistics, and they amplify why employees are afraid to share their struggles with co-workers and management – the risk of being fired or not taken seriously is real.

This is why employee benefits that encapsulate mental health are such an important addition to your workplace. It means that your staff feel safe and supported, which then motivates them to be more productive without the underlying stress of being fired if their mental health suffers.

What Kind of Benefits are There? 

Employee benefits for mental health are a crucial part of your workplace, so when you are determining which plan to go with you are going to want to ensure that these specific benefits are in place to support your staff.

Health insurance benefits often come with mental health support, but you will need to ensure that you look through what’s included before you choose your plan. Often, it includes access to a psychiatrist to help with any ongoing issues as well as a dedicated mental health phone line.

However, there is something further that these insurance plans can offer – employee assistance programmes. They provide confidential support programmes 24/7, allowing your staff to feel safe and secure while they talk about the things they are struggling with.

Therapy sessions tend to be included, alongside family support and CBT. Many programmes even have services that cover support for addiction and substance abuse. Since mental health is one of the greatest causes of work sickness in the UK, you can help with early intervention.

All of this leads to a reduction in absences, by 34% if we are being specific, and this is a massive improvement. It means that staff feel secure and appreciated, and that they are getting the support they need to avoid missing work.

To Conclude

Mental health is a critical issue. It impacts millions of us, and workplace support is key to helping people overcome their daily struggles. With employee benefits that support mental health issues, your staff will feel as though they are in an environment they can trust and you’ll see a reduction in absences and a rise in productivity.

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