• December 6, 2023

WWE legend Rey Mysterio in extremely rare pic without iconic facemask on


WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio stunned fans as he posed WITHOUT his signature mask.

Mysterio is one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, and certainly the best ever luchadore.

Rey Mysterio posed with a fan without his signature facemask on


Rey Mysterio posed with a fan without his signature facemask onCredit: Instagram @wrestlefeed.app

The California native broke down barriers throughout his glittering 34-year career and became a three-time world champion along the way despite his 5ft 6in, 175lbs stature.

The 48-year-old is still going strong with his stunning high flying stunts despite his advanced age and even held the US Championship for three months until he lost it to Logan Paul three weeks ago.

Wrestling fans around the globe have known Mysterio thanks to his marvellous acrobatic moves but also his signature lucha libre masks.

Having been trained in Mexico in the 1980s by his uncle Rey Misterio, the ex-WWE Champion has adopted the sport’s strict and sacred laws.

One of which demands luchadores to never show their face, even when they’re in public at a non-wrestling capacity.

However, people nowadays take a more relaxed view of those rules and so the former World Heavyweight Champion has been spotted without his mask on a few times.

That is of course on a rare occasion, such as the most recent one that saw Mysterio posing for a photo with a fan that was shared on Instagram.

The American grappler sported a blue hoodie and a pair of crutches after undergoing knee surgery.

The WWE Universe was left in awe as fans rushed to the comments’ section.

One supporter posted: “I feel like it’s illegal to see him without his mask.”

Another commented: “Where did the Mystery go?”

A third wrote: “I love him man soo much.”

Mysterio has always competed with his iconic facemask on throughout the years


Mysterio has always competed with his iconic facemask on throughout the yearsCredit: Getty

This fan gasped: “Wtf.”

And that one said: “Bruh thats [sic] so weird.”

Mysterio has been adhering by the rules of kayfabe throughout the years, which means he stayed in character at all times by not removing his mask.

Another WWE legend who went by that old-school philosophy was The Undertaker throughout his famous 30-year career.

Undertaker competed as a demonic figure that would instil fear on his opponents with supernatural feats before dominating them in the ring.

That meant Taker would avoid making public appearances with the company and never conducted interviews.

However, the seven-time world champion has also loosened up in the last three years ever since his retirement at Survivor Series.

The ex-WWE Champion’s most recent public appearance took place in Saudi Arabia last month where he attended the boxing match between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou.

Undertaker watched Fury beating Ngannou alongside WWE founder Vince McMahon, who also looked unrecognisable with bleached dark hair and a walking stick after his recent back surgery.


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